Monday, July 28, 2008

Baseball Rant

Okay, I just read something that royallly pissed me off. Turns out that our Junction City Generals were battling the Park City Cooboys in the Midwest regionals for the championship.

Before I go any further, let me tell you a little something about the Park City Cowboys -- they were supposed to come and play us here in JC about a month ago and the night before they were supposed to come they called the Director of Operations and told him they weren't coming. Didn't give him a reason or anything. They had made a committment to come play us and broke that committment. I don't recall there being inclement weather or anything that weekend. Our boys ended up splitting up and playing each other to give us loyal fans a game. The next night another team graciously filled in to play us. I do not have much respect for the Park City Cowboys.

So anyway, back to the Midwest Regionals. It came down to the Generals and Cowboys for the championship. The game had to be called after 6 innings because of storms. There was no score. A makeup game was scheduled for the next day -- Saturday. However, the Generals already had a committment that day. To play a scheduled HOME game. So they decided that instead of breaking their committment to their fans AND the NEWTON REBELS (who they were scheduled to play) they would have to go ahead and forfeit the game to the Cowboys, thus making the Cowboys the Midwest Champions.

That is such BULL!!!!!!!!!!! The Generals had to forfeit the championship because they were honoring a COMMITTMENT to their fans and another team they were scheduled to play to a team that could not even honor their committment to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is this even remotely fair? As far as I am concerned the Park City Cowboys did not EARN that championship.

I guess I should explain something here. The regular season games do not count towards anything. Championships are earned through tournaments. It does not matter how many games you win during league play. If a team doesn't show up that doesn't mean they forfeit and you count that as winning a game. It just becomes a nonexistent game.

So...... I am not sure how else the championship could have been resolved under the circumstances, but it sure does suck that the Generals were penalized because they were honoring a previous committment and a team that could not honor a committment won the tournament.

If any Park City fans are reading this and can shed light on why they may have decided not to come play us when they were scheduled to(like a death or something acceptable, not that they just didn't want to travel here), please do. Because from where I am sitting, this looks pretty crappy.

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