Monday, July 14, 2008

Blogging is good for your mental health -- John Tesh says so!!

And you know John Tesh would never steer you wrong.

While listening to his radio show -- Intelligence For Your Life -- while I was making little scrapbooks, John Tesh talked about a study that was done that found that blogging actually helps improve your mental health. he explained that the study found that we learn at a young age that communication is important in getting our needs met and sometimes we need people to sympathize with us and blogging helps allow that. It is better than keeping a private diary because with blogging you have an audience so you feel that you are being heard.

That is the reason I blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the idea that someone is reading what I am writing and it helps me sort through stuff sometimes! Apparently that is the norm and I am improving my mental health by blogging.

Thank you for enlightening me, John Tesh!! You really do give me intelligence for my life!!

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