Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy busy!!

I have been busy the last couple days. Well, not so much on Saturday and most of yesterday, but last evening and today I was superbusy!!.

On Saturday we went to Pioneer Day at church. Or rather, we got there, then I left to run errands because I was super bored. It was geared more towards the kids(it was a primary activity, duh) and not having or being a kid I was bored. I took our coins to the Coinstar at Dillons and got $16.00!!! Then I checked out a garage sale(didn't find anything) and drove around the nice hilly area of JC. Then I went back and had lunch.

In the evening TJ and I planned to go to the baseball game. It was storming, though, so we went to the Chinese Buffet first then drove by the stadium. The game was cancelled(by that time the weather was clearing up, but oh well), so we went and visited with Mandy and Nick for awhile.

On Sunday we went to church and left early(I was tired and hadn't eaten so my stomach was hurting). I took like a 4 hour nap. Then we broke the Sabbath and went to the baseball game. It was supposed to be the last one, BUT Beatrice NE so graciously agreed to come down Thursday to play a game against us so that will end up being the last one!! And yes, we are going. So we broke the Sabbath for nothing.

Well, not nothing because TJ got to do this...

to hit this....

He got pretty close, but the other guy got closer, but it didn't matter because the Generals didn't hit any home runs in the 8th inning to win Season Passes. I was also asked if I wanted to do this with TJ, but I refused(who would have taken the pictures??).

Well, the Generals lost, but since we sat right above the dugout I got lots of pictures of this guy....

#5 Stewart Hoover -- my favorite player!!!

I got him warming up, batting, on bases, etc. You'll have to look on MySpace to see him!! Under the NEW album.

It was a good night.

Today we were truly busy. We got up at the crack of Early(7:20!!) and went to the hospital for TJ's occupational therapy appt. While he did that I finished my library book and went to the pharmacy to stock up on nonprescription items. After we were both done we went to Stacy's in Grandview Plaza for breakfast. YUM!!!!!!!! TJ has been there before, but this was my first time. It lived up to it's excellent reputation. After that we headed into JC to the library to turn in and check out books and then we went to the DAV thrift store and made 2 awesome purchases. 1st was a stationary bike small enough that I can move it to different rooms to use while watching TV or sitting out on the balcony with Scout. $5.00. 2nd was a rectangular plastic table for the blacony so we can get rid of our round glass table. Also $5.00. Plus I got 10% off. I was happy.

We went home for an hour or so while I made hotel and album class reservations in Omaha for the weekend and then chose pictures to print at Walmart. Then we headed to Manhattan. First we stopped by a friend's house in Milford, but they weren't home, so we took the long scenic back route to Manhattan. In pouring rain. Our first stop was the Dusty Bookshelf in Aggieville where they bought one out 4 books I had to sell!! Then we tried Chipoltle where I had the biggest burrito ever!!

The picture is from last Halloween -- if you dress up like burrito you get a free one(or taco??).

After lunch we picked up the pictures at Walmart then went to Best Buy to look. I am considering getting an Ipod for my birthday or Christmas. We also looked at laptops(I want to get TJ a new one next time he deploys) and cameras(same thing).

Then we looked at a couple motorcycle shops for a jacket for TJ. Then we went to the Riley County Fair to look at the exhibits and animals. Here are my favorites...

Sleepy piggies

Friendly goat

Crowing rooster

Peeing pig!!!

and, well, you can figure it out...

I am done for the day!!

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