Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Can I cram anything else into my weekend?

Well, they posted the schedule for the World series games in Wichita. The Generals first game is Saturday night at 10pm. If they lose, they play again on Sunday at 10am. This is completely doable for me to attend, but just barely. Let me tell you about the rest of the weekend...

I guess it starts tomorrow night with the last Generals home game. That's at 7pm. we are going before 6pm(when the gates open), though, because the first 250 people get a free pennant. I need that for when I go to the NBC world series. I already have a T-shirt, but I need something to wave.

Friday I drive up to Omaha. I haven't set a time because I can basically go at any time. My plan is to stop in a couple little towns along the way to explore like Marysville, KS and Beatrice, NE(which, btw, has a very awesome baseball team called the Bruins who are coming to play us tomorrow night!). I was contemplating going to a crop at Archivers scrapbook store in Omaha Friday night, but I think I will skip that as I am attending an album class Saturday morning. This way I can explore Omaha and Council Bluffs, IA. Maybe I can also find a Sushi restaurant to eat at!!

Saturday is my crazy day. At 10:30am I have an album class at Archivers. After that I go to the temple(the whole reason for this trip). After that it gets dicey. It takes almost 4 hours to drive back home. I then want to get TJ and have him drive us down to Wichita(another 2 hours) to watch the Generals play. If they lose, I want to stay over in Wichita and watch them play again on Sunday(which means breaking the Sabbath). Let's hope they win.

An alternative is not going Saturday, but if they lose, driving down Sunday morning for the 1pm game. This also means breaking the Sabbath.

The 3rd alternative is going down Saturday night and not staying over if they lose.

Ideally, it would be great if they win Saturday night whether we go or not!!!!

The schedule for the preliminary winners(except one) has not been announced yet. Just the losers(for a second chance).

Stay tuned!!!

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Robyn :) said...

The loser's game is 1pm on Sunday not 10am. I got confused.

TJ has agreed to drive down Saturday night so we will see what happens!! I think I just need to get a good night's sleep on Friday night to make it through a very full day on Saturday!! I think it also helps that TJ can sleep most of the day Saturday before going.