Friday, July 11, 2008


I am done!!! Well, except for organizing the top of the dresser, but I am tired!!!

So, here is what was done....

1. My closet!!! It is in the spareroom, but I have lots of space and can get to everything easily. (When we have company I will move a few things to TJ's closet). It is also used for storage(as all the closets are-- I grew up having Christmas ornaments in my bedroom closet so this is normal to me!!)

2. TJ's closet!!!!! It is the walk-in in our bedroom. He doesn't have as many clothes as me, but a lot of army gear. As you can see in the next picture..

3. There is also ample floor space so he can just toss things in there instead of on his side of the bed or the loveseat in the livingroom!!

4. Coat/winter storage closet. I also have unread books stored in there(instead of under the spareroom bed --- I hate storing stuff under beds -- it's bad fung shui!!). The sweater bag will be moved into my closet in the fall and winter as well as the skirts.

5. The box has more winter clothes and pajamas in it. On top of the box is my purse caddy(it's supposed to be an office supply organizer, but I repurposed it). I figured this was a better place than my closet for it.

6. The Hobby Room!!!! This is it's official name. My craft table is in the middle right under the light. I can sit on any side depending on what I want to look at!! I can also have other people join me, though it is a tight squeeze, depending on what the projects are!!

7. My photo shelf!!! It is a bookcase turned on it's side!! All my photo boxes are inside with some albums interpersed. The majority of the albums are on top. So are my yearbooks. I also have some framed photos and vases.

8. My card and scrapbook supplies!! This shelving unit is perfect because it rotates. You don't know how many different things this sucker has been used for and how many times I planned to get rid of it. It's a keeper now!!! To the left is more scrapbook supplies and sewing suff in the rolling cart. The cart will also be used to move the supplies I need for specific projects over to the table :) On the right are extra chairs. On the wall is a Florida scrapbook page that needs a picture and my cup and pitcher collection(in honor of my grandmother and Aunt Dorothy).

9. More collections !!! In the middle is half of my shotglass collection(for display, not use). On the right is a picture of me and TJ and below is our Knott's Berry Farm collection (we both love that place!!).

10. My favorite part of this room -- My lighted picture of the Brooklyn Bridge(at least that's what I think it is)!!! This painting is older than me and hung in the livingroom of our apartment when I was born and in the familyroom of the house I grew up in. I brought it back to Kansas with me a year and a half ago. The buildings have little lights in them. Not as fancy as the lighted pictures they make now, but I just love this thing!! Below it is another storage unit. It holds idea books, paper, scraps, stickers, etc, and on top is the current album I am working on. On the side(which you can't see) are smaller albums I am working on. On the left of the Lighted Bridge Picture is the zebra collection I inherited from my Aunt Lou.

11. Desk and craft table. The desk has my decorative drinking glass(including Pepsi and Coke glasses) collection and shotglasses on top(along with a picture of me and one of my best friends-Bonnie). On the right is my CD collection and under that are my journals and stories, plus cassette tapes in the shoeboxes. I also have my college stuff there. On the left is my "office" stuff -- office supplies, plus catalogs and brochures and such. To the left of the desk is another craft storage unit and on top is a bag of cross-stitch stuff and my CD player. You probaly also noticed the Dale Earnhardt poster on the wall -- my husband is a fan. I plan to move that into the livingroom eventually and put up a framed poem my aunt wrote about my dad's roses :)

12. North side of livingroom. We will pull the table out more when we have company and spread the chairs around!!

13. Livingroom area with a pooped TJ!!! We moved the recliner back to open up the room more.

14. Sorry this one's fuzzy!! From left to right is TJ's army shelf(with certificate's above, printer, and the computer!!(where I am sitting right now!).

15. TJ's side of the bedroom (ignore the messy bed, please).

16. My side of the bedroom. Scout is checking out some stuff on top of the rolling drawer unit. That has mine and TJ's exercise clothes in it. To it's right is a director's chair with stuffed animals we have gotten since we have been together. Either got for each other, won, or given to us by others. In the corner is Scout's chair with his kitty bed. I wanted it out of the way and close to me :)

Okay, so that is it!!!! I am pooped(and sore!). Tomorrow I am going to tackle the inside storage closet and hanging and re-hanging pictures. I probably won't have pictures of those things.

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