Friday, July 11, 2008

A Challenge To Myself

I am challenging myself not to buy anymore scrapbooking stuff like paper and embellishments until I use up about 75% of what I have!!! I have so much stuff already. I usually like to buy stuff with certain pages and pictures in mind, but I think I am pretty much up to date and I can get creative if I don't have the right theme paper!! I also have a good variety of stamps now so I could even make background paper!!

Things I will allow myself to still buy --- adhesive,page protectors, and albums. I need another 12x12 album and I have my eye on one at Hobby Lobby. I am also waiting for the release of what is called a piggy tales album(it opens in all different kinds of ways) for our KC pictures. That's it, though. Nothing else.

Hopefully I can do this. I just need to avoid the other aisles at hobby Lobby and not look around at Scrapbooks Etc when I go for the page protectors LOL. Or look, but don't buy. And sorry to Ramona and Belinda, but I will not be ordering from CM and SU for awhile :(

Let's hope I can do this!!!

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