Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cool beans....

Where the heck did that expression ever come from?!?!?!

Anyways....... Cool things happening here... tomorrow night at 8pm, TJ and I have the opportunity to win a brand spanking new Harley Davidson motorcycle!!!! We entered a drawing at Country Stampede and won a key!!! So, if it is the right key and it starts the bike -- we win!!!!! That will be so awesome if we do win!! We want a Harley so bad.

Next week is the Geary County Fair. I love county fairs!! I didn't go last year because TJ was deployed and I had just gone to Sundown Salute and Country Stampede and wasn't up for another big event without him. This year I will go even if he has ranges!! I haven't been to a county fair in a couple years and I miss it. I have a list of events I am interested in going to on my MySpace Calendar (in additions to seeing all the exhibits -- my favorite part!) if you want to look. If you would like to join me for anything, let me know!! You can also go to and click on the brochure and it tells what all is going on. There is also a rodeo this weekend that I am going to try to go to.

Riley County will be having their fair the following week. I would like to attend that, too.

Other cool things... Mamma Mia opens Friday!!! I am planning on seeing the first showing at either the JC theatre(if they have it) or Seth Childs in Manhattan. I would love company, but be forewarned -- I will probably be singing along throughout the whole movie!! It's Abba songs after all!!
Generals are playing home games!! TJ and I are going to try to go Friday(I'll go without him if he's busy!!). There is also one tomorrow and one starting in 10 minutes!! I would have gone tonight but Big Brother is on AND TJ has a range. I will be listening to it on the radio instead.

Okay, watch for a post coming soon about my awesome thrift store finds and re-purposed spice rack!!

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