Saturday, July 12, 2008

Couldn’t Do It

Couldn’t Do It
I just didn't feel like going to the baseball game by myself. So I am doing the next best thing(well second next best thing, the best would be if they would televise it!!) -- listening to the game on the radio!!! The Generals are doing an amazing job tonight. 4-0 in the 5th or 6th inning(I lost track). The Wichita Slugger's pitching doesn't sound too hot. I think that's their main problem(aside from the generals just being so awesome!!

I did manage to finally get the inside storage closet clean and re-organized!! You can actually walk all the way inside it now!! I didn't do too much to the shelves except spread out my food storage a little more so it looks a lot neater.

Earlier this evening I did go into town. I went to Handy's and got a 75cent(81 with tax) soda in my Sundown Salute cup. Then I was headed over to my friend, ramona's house, but I was earlier than I told her to expect me so I took a little drive and ended up on a gravel road!! I managed to find the Munson Angus Farm. Now if I can just remember to go to their store in town on Monday for some fresh Angus beef!!

I spent an hour at Ramona's house, talking, which was nice. Had I been going to the game I would have been in and out, so it was nice to have that extra time to visit.

Then I treated myself to a Big Mac(can't remember the last time I had one!!) and came home.

I think in awhile I am going to go in the Hobby Room and crop some pictures and work on 2 mini scrapbooks while listemning to the rest of the game and then some music. Or I will read.

Have a great night!!

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