Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fairly Nice Animals

I went to the fair this afternoon to see the decorated cakes, but they didn't have any yet, but they did have livestock!! So I took some pictures!!

Gigantic rabbits!! The water bottles are to keep them cool. It was 91. They also spray water with fans.

This guy was so cute and posed for me....

Notice something missing?? Yeah, a fence!! You could walk right up to them if you wanted(I did not).

This guy was just so cute. The one behind him kept stepping on him, though!!

After the fair I brought the missionaries home for dinner.

After dropping them back off I went to Goodwill. The desk/shelf unit I want is still there, but still $30.00 I am holding out for $20.00.

On the way home I noticed this on Post....

It was $3.99 the other day. This picture proves that miracles do happen.

One other little thing I'd like to mention. At the corner of Washington and Grant there were 2 young girls(teens, I think) holding up a sign that said "Save America. Vote for Obama" Now while I don't exactly agree with the sentiment -- I don't think America needs saving and I do not know if I will vote for Obama -- I was very happy and proud to see these girls with their sign because it showed that young people are taking an interest in politics and the future of the leadership of the country. It was also very hot outside so these girls were really to be admired.

That's it for today. Keep cool!!! Remember to register!!

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Jennifer P. said...

You are lucky--we're still at $4.15-4.35 a gallon here. Bluck!

The bunny pictures were my favorite. I love visiting them at the fair, but always find myself wishing I could hold them instead of just look ;)!

Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!