Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First Day

Well, I started the first day of July off by staying up until 5am!!! I knew TJ may be this late in coming home from a range so I just got a large frozen coke on the way home from the baseball game and proceeded to spend the evening playing on the computer, scrapbooking, reading and watching TV. I was still watching TV when TJ came home!!

I ended up sleeping until about 1:30pm. I had planned on going to the store as it is payday, but TJ didn't want to come with and I was still really tired so I ended up watching a depressing episode of Little House on the Prairie. After that I played on the computer and then we headed into town.

First we went to the FREE Hamburger Feed at the Sundown Salute.

It is sponsored by the carnival company and the burgers are cooked and served up by the fire dept and volunteers. In addition to the hamburger you got chips and beans and a drink. Not a bad deal!!

When we were done we headed over to the Poe's to see if Kenny had time to drive TJ's bike from work to our house.
While they went to do that I hung out and played dolls with Alli.

Then we had fun with my camera. She took the following pictures of me

After viewing that last one I think Mandy's house is haunted as there is an orb in the picture!!!

Tonight I plan to go to bed earlier and get back on track somewhat tomorrow with exercising and cleaning. Tomorrow night the Army Band is playing at Sundown Salute and it is Military Appreciation day :)

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