Saturday, July 19, 2008

Going in different directions

This about scrapbooking.


After getting my latest issue of Creating Keepsakes Magazine(which I highly recommned. They have changed from being just layout heavy to having awesome in depth articles-- in addition to layouts -- with lots of tips and such!!) I am thinking about not making my yearly albums so much about individual events that have gone on, but combining things to make more theme pages, encompassing different events and places and such. Of course, this will also be helped by the great thing I found on Snapfish -- photo collages!!!

Let me talk about those for a minute. You can do them on 4x6, 5x7 or 8x10 size. You pay the regular cost for those prints. So 4x6 collages are only 9 cents!! How awesome is that? This is really going to help with my scrapbooking because I tend to take a lot of pictures!! This way, I can get more in my layouts :).

Back to scrapbooks. Another thing I would like to try is making more mini albums. They have great tips in the magazine and also on a couple of blogs I read. I have an awesome old magazine rack that I can store the albums in (if I don't make them too thick). Of course, these would also be theme albums. Last year I made a couple summery ones -- one about the beach and one about water fun like pools and slip n slides!! I have a couple ideas for more that I am kicking around in my head.

I am also getting back to my scrapbooking roots and making mini albums for other people. When I started scrapbooking it was to make albums for other people. Then I branched out into holiday albums, then themes and finally yearly ones!!

So, does anyone have any ideas or tips for me?

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