Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Guess They Knew How To Quit Him

Okay, you didn't think we'd get through this season of Big Brother without making a Brokeback Mountain joke did you?????

Well, they sent Steven, the gay cowboy bullrider home. I think this is the earliest they have ever sent home the gay guy. i am sad because I liked him. Oh well.

Keisha got HOH. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!! I like her.

All of my impressions are the same except for Libra -- I have moved her to the Don't Like category. What is her problem anyway??? Maybe all that slop.

One moe thing I want to talk about -- julie Chen's outfit. While I loved the summery color, I felt it was all wrong for her. She looked washed out. Definitely not her color. I would like to see her in a flowery summer dress. I think she would look so cute!!

That's all for tonight.

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