Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Mail!!!!!

I got some great stuff in the mail today......

First of all, the scrapbook magnets I ordered came!!! I ordered these from
www.sjrr4.etsy. Also look at my side bar under blogs I like to read for Scrapbooking Made Simple. She has some already made in her Etsy shop, but she can also custom make them for you as she did with mine!!

Here they are....

I had one made for pictures of Scout for me and one for my mother in law for pictures of TJ in uniform for her birthday.

They open up to look like this -- you just add pictures. Notice that Scout's is black and white like him -- that was completely serendipitous. She went to the store to get the cat paper and was able to find it in black and white!!!

Here they are hanging on the refrigerator -- they are also magnetic!! That is the whole point -- to hang them on your refrigerator(hence the name -- refrigerator magnets)

And here they are all closed up. I also had them personalized. Scout's says Scout on the outside and inside and TJ's says My Army Son on the outside and TJ Schmidt on the inside.

She also made me a couple of camo magnets. I am keeping these!! You can order sets of these as well. In different styles, of course.

Again, if you would like some refrigerator magnets of your own check out her Etsy shop at

That wasn't the only happy mail I got today!!!! Also in my box was a letter from the Geary County School District. I report back to work on August 11th!!!!!! That is just 2 weeks from now, but I am excited. I am anxious to see the kids again and be working and on a regular schedule. I have had a lot of fun this summer and enjoyed going to the pool and sleeping late and staying up all night, but it is time to be working again :) I can still go swimming after school too :)

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