Thursday, July 3, 2008

Having a rocking(literally!!) anniversary day!!

After getting up at 5 am to deal with the cats and make a small cake for our anniversary, I went back to bed and TJ and I got up about noon!! I made sandwiches and got other stuff for lunch ready while TJ loaded the car and we headed out for a day at the lake!! After getting the car gassed up and ice for the cooler we went up to the Fort Riley Marina to see if it was open. It was and we were able to get a fishing boat for 4 hours for $45.00 plus gas!!

We took it out on the lake and first stopped in a couple of coves to fish. Having no luck, we tried the middle of lake. Still nothing. It rained a little bit, too, and then at our last spot it got windy so the water was super choppy!!!!

I still feel like I am on the boat now!! It is a little better. Earlier it felt like the livingroom was rocking!!

We also took turns driving around the lake. That was such a blast!! However, when we pulled up the anchor in the choppy waters we were getting situated to bring the boat back and didnt realize the current had pushed us closer to the shore so we got stuck a bit in the mud!! TJ was able to push us out, but he of course got his shorts and half his shirt soaked!! LOL

We didn't catch anything. I think because of the strong currents and because we were just using worms. When we were bringing the boat in we discovered a bait box on the boat with a few minnows!!! We were disappointed we hadn't found that earlier -- we might have caught something with those suckers!!

After fishing we went to the swim beach in the town of Milford so I could take a dip. I didn't like it there. It is a mud beach instead of sand it was all slimy in the water and hard to walk through!! I kept getting my feet sucked down!

We are just staying in now for the evening. We are too tired to go to Sundown Salute and have to go early for the parade tomorrow anyway. In a minute we are going to eat our cake :)

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