Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It Has Begun....

Big Brother, that is!! We are 2 episodes in(don't read if you haven't seen tonight's episode yet). Here are my impressions so far....

My favorites...
1. JERRY -- I am rooting for him to win!! He is 75 years old, a fan of the show(he says he has seen every episode) and a retired Marine(of course, retired Army would be better, but any military is good!!). Also, I loved tonight how he didn't wear his Marine stuff for the veto competition becuase he knew he would go back on his wiord and did not want to embarass the Marines. However, I don't think he should have been concerned as the reason he went back on his word was becuase the other person had not been straight with him. Kind of makes everyone involved's word null and void.

2. Ollie -- not sure why I like him, but I do. He seems nice and fun and is cute.

3. Michelle(I think) -- if she is the Portuguese one. I like that she is loud, but not overbearingly so. She is tough, too.

4. Memphis -- he didn't go along with Brian. Good enough for me.

5. Libra -- she has a cool name and realized that Brian was trying to play everyone.

6. Steven -- he is a gay bullrider and that is just interesting!! He is also not an arrogant gay guy as the last couple of ones have been.

People I DON'T like.....

1. Jesse -- he is so full of himself. I am peeved that he won the Veto, but it made for an interesting turn of events!! He needs to go soon, though -- arrogant little jerk.

2. Brian -- the Air Force should be embarrassed he was one of them. What a disgrace. Libra put it best when she said he gave her flashbacks of Dr. Will. I agree!! But he is Dr. Will in a bad way. Dr Will was evil, BUT he always said he was going to lie and play everyone. He made it an art form. Brian is just a poor imitation. He got what he deserved, though!! Let's hope he goes.

On the fence about....

1. Renny -- she is kind of annoying, but she also makes things interesting.

2. April -- the little blond girl from Arizona who likes Ollie. She seems like a nice person and is cute and all, BUT she also seems extremely naive and overreacted to the stuff with Ollie, which I found annoying.

3. Dan -- he has an alliance with Brian and seems a little arrogant, too. But he is a teacher, which I like.

Couldn't care less about ...

The rest of them. They haven't made an impression on me one way or the other. They are pretty much off the radar.

That's what I think so far. I'll blog after the eviction tomorrow night.

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