Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Craft Corner is becoming a Craft Room!!

Since my husband loves re-arranging rooms so much(he says that's how he cleans best), I gave him a project -- convert the diningroom into a craft room for me!!!!!!!

We hardly ever eat in the diningroom because we like to watch TV while eating so it makes sense to put the dining table in the dining area of our livingroom. The diningroom itself was originally designed as a family room,(except there is no phone outlet for a computer and no cable outlet for the TV -- it was built before those things!!). However, I am converting it into my craftroom!! My desk is already in there so I figured why not the craft stuff?

The only downside is there will be no TV and no computer, where I store some layout and card ideas. My solution to this is to use my trusty digital camera to photograph what I want to use as inspiration for whatever I am working on at the the time. Instead of TV I will listen to music. That's more conducive to creativity anyway, isn't it?

This will also help open up our livingroom as we can pull the recliner back(which TJ has been wanting to do!!)and put the computer in the corner. The shelves with my albums and photoboxes will be coming to the new craft room as well so the livingroom will be a lot less cluttered. It will look much better in the craft room as it will be organized clutter!!

I also don't expect my husband to do all the work. In fact, all I really need him to do is move my rotating shelf and I can probably even manage that!!!

I will take pictures when it is finished -- hopefully tomorrow!!!

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