Thursday, July 17, 2008

No Harley, yet, but we got fed!!

No Harley, yet, but we got fed!!
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We have not won a Harley, yet, BUT we did get a ticket for the key and were fed. What they failed to mention to us over the phone(ad the guy running the seminar was not happy it wasn't mentioned!!) was that we had to attend a seminar for cookware. It wasn't too bad. They fed us!! And when the presentation was over they did not pressure us into buying anything. The cookware was nice , but pricey, but I think it would be worth the money, but we can't afford it right now. Maybe in the future. They were offering a lot of really nice free stuff. I liked that stuff better!! I would rather have that stuff(you can buy it) as the cookware pots and pans were kind of heavy(but that was what made them so good, because they last longer and cook better). I'm good for now, but after we pay off credit cards and have kids I will probably make the investment.

Anyway, we got the ticket for the key and we need to travel to Kansas City next month to get the key and win the Harley. I am all for any excuse to go to KC!!! Gonna have Sushi!!

After that we went up to the hospital and visited our friend, Chrissy, and her new baby, Breelyn. She is so cute and perfect!!! I got to hold her which really made my night(my whole week in fact). I have never seen a baby that young(1 day old -- I have seen a 2 day old baby) and have never gone to visit a mom and baby in the hospital. Thank you for the opportunity, Chrissy!!

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