Friday, July 11, 2008

The Plan

My craft corner to craft room project has expanded!!!!! I am now not only going to do that, but I am doing a major overhaul on all closets AND changing the bedroom a bit!!!

Here is the plan for today and tomorrow....


1. Move all winter coats and clothes out of spareroom closet and store on spare bed briefly. DONE

2. Move TJ's winter shirts and dressy stuff from spareroom closet to bedroom closet. DONE

3. Move bookshelf out of bedroom closet and into livingroom briefly. DONE

4. Move my clothes(and other stuff) from bedroom closet to spareroom closet. DONE

5. Move all of TJ's army stuff out of hall closet and into bedroom closet. DONE

6. Move winter stuff into hall closet. DONE

In effect, what this does is gives me and TJ our own closets, provides a coat closet, and gives TJ a place to just toss all his stuff(it's a walk in closet) so it isn't in the livingroom or on our bedroom floor!! TJ doesn't know about this so it will be a surprise when he gets home.


1. Move diningtable into livingroom briefly. DONE

2. Empty out album bookshelf and move into craft room. Refill with photo boxes and albums. DONE

3. Move shelf out of craft room and into spareroom.DONE

4. Move craft table and small entertainment stand into craft room. DONE

5. Box up craft stuff and move large, rotating craft shelf into the craft room. DONE

6. Set up craft storage :) DONE

7. Set up diningtable in dining area. DONE

8. Move computer and printer into new position. DONE

9. Move recliner back. In Process

10. Set up bookshelf with TJ's Army stuff. DONE

11. Move white storage drawers into craft room. DONE


1. Move TJ's pile of stuff in bedroom to his new closet. DONE

2. Move Scout's chair next to my side of bed and end table to TJ's side. DONE

3. Move director's chair next to laundry rack DONE

4. Put rolling drawers in new place. DONE

5. Set up dresser top In Process

1. Organize inside storage closet.
2. Hand curtain rods and curtains.
3. Hang pictures
4. Work on balcony

Now I am off to start on these projects!! I will take pictures when complete.

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