Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Reality Show Roundup(and my Bachelor connection)

Pyelonephritis -- py-el-on-eph-rit-us. Watch The Soup Friday night and see if they show the stellar moment from the national spelling bee where the kid could not just grasp this word!!!

SUNDAY -- 8/7c CBS ---- BIG BROTHER 10!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it has been 10 seasons already???? It's only 9 years(because they had 2 this year because of the strike -- 9 and 10). I still have yet to look through the houseguests, but I hear that they are all truly strangers again for the first time since like Season 3. Very cool. The houseguests I do remember from a brief glance at the website and a press release -- a 75 year old Retired Marine, a girl from Orlando, and a gay bull rider(no, not Jake Gyllenhall).

And the last thing I want to talk about --- The Bachelorette. Most of the bloggers whose blogs I read all agree with me that they were surprised she chose Jesse the Snowboarder. I know I was. Although I haven't been following the show too closely this season(I think I saw about 3 episodes), I pretty much thought it would be the other guy, especially after he did better with her family and in one of the first episodes she told Jessie that he wasn't someone she would have ever liked before(which TJ and I found extremely rude). Of course, I always had a history of dating guys older than me and then I married one 8 years YOUNGER, so sometimes it is the person you least expect. I really liked Jessie's hair, too. And he is really cute in a boyish way so I can see the attraction :)

My friend, Kim, and I are speculating as to whether they set such a soon wedding date (well, not that soon, but usually they don't even have one set this soon!!)so ABC could pay for it(and televise it). It's seems likely.

Which brings me to another Bachelor and gonna change the subject slightly. remeber the pro-fishermasn, Byron, and the girl he chose, Mary? They deliberately put off a wedding day so they would not be under obligation to have it televised by ABC. As far as I know they are still together(they were after the Bachelor with Matt who didn't choose either girl, which of course included this year's Bachelorette, DiAnna).

Okay, here's where the subject changes --- Byron and Mary are my favorite couple from that show and Byron was my all-time favorite Bachelor for the following reasons -- Mary was from Tampa, Florida, her parents lived in Valrico and she and Byron ended up living together in Brandon(where Tj is from and next to Riverview where I lived). Also, I am distantly related to Byron. Let me explain. My mom's cousins and Byron's great or great great granfathers were brothers. My grandmother's sister married into the Velvick family(which was Byron's last name) When I heard his last name(it's not common) I asked my mom who had already asked her cousin, Margaret(who, along with her husband, is the ancestory guru of the family and she is one of the Velvick's!) and she confirmed that she had traced him through her geneology work. No, I have never met him. I'm sure he has no idea that part of his family exists!! I never ran into him in Brandon, either.

Okay, so this post kinda changed direction there, but I am done now. Thanks for reading.

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