Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rodeo Roundup

Yesterday I went to a rodeo for only the second time in my life. The first time was 24 years ago when I was 8. About the same time of the year. It was in Illinois. All I could remember was that we sat with people from the RV store, my aunt bought me red clip on feathers and there was some little animal riding for the kids(probably mutton busting). I remember the announcer saying to watch what they get on their hands in the dirt -- it wasn't M&M's!!!

So, Junction City has a rodeo every year.

This was the 15th Anuual. The major sponsor is Dick Edwards Ford. It was lots of fun.

Here's me with some young cattle...

A very nice lady and her granddaughter sat next to us. She seemed pretty knowledgeable about the events and everything. Later we were talking about the upcoming Abilene rodeo(oh, have I mentioned that there are 3 rodeos within 3 weeks within 20 miles of where we live??)
and she mentioned she used to sponsor that one before JC started having one. I asked her which sponsor she was and she said Dick Edwards. Turns out she was Janice Edwards -- the OWNER of Dick Edwards Ford and major sponsor of the rodeo. They mentioned her name like 10 times!! I meet all the important people in JC. Anyway, like I said, she was very nice.

The events of the rodeo were....

Opening Ceremony with the Quiet Thunder drill team

Bare back riding (think bucking bronco!!)

Crowning the rodeo queen(I don't have a good picture)

Calf roping

Keep in mind that although this looks inhumane, they are not tied up that long and this would normally happen on a ranch.

Kid's event where they had to pull ribbons off the young steer's tails

Team calf roping(they have to lassoo the head and feet before tying them)

Bronco Busting (no clear picture)

Team steer dressing

They put clothes on the steers!! The Brokeback Mountain Boys team won. Also, as you can see from all the orbs in the picture, the arena is super haunted.

Mutton Busting and Mini Bull Riding(for the kids). No good pictures.

Barrell Racing

This girl was from JC

Bull Riding (I took video of this so no pictures)

Closing ceremony with the drill team again

and then a few fireworks.

All pictures are on MySpace in the NEW album.

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