Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shifting Impressions

This is about Big Brother. Before I tell you my new impressions I just want to say --- did I not call it correctly about Jesse's pictures?????????????????? Sure, there were other people in some of them, but weren't they mostly about him and his body????

Who I like now....

Jerry (he still rocks!!)
Renny (she's grown on me and she did awesome in the food competition)
Keisha(she speaks her mind, but is nice)
Angie (just like her, no particular reason)
Steven (gay cowboy -- what's not to like?)
Dan (because he was true to his alliance and nice to Steven and just funny with the bathroom thing!!)
Memphis (he is just nice and we have something in common -- our dad's both died when were 15)

Who I don't like...

Jesse (for all the same reasons as before)
April (whiny little brat)

On the fence about....

Ollie (I still think he is nice, but he seems to switch sides to be on the side of whoever is in power)
Libra(I don't like her complaining)
Michelle(I am kinda suspicious of anyone aligning themselves with Jesse)

Unfortunately, 2 of the people I like are up for eviction. Out of the 2, I would rather see Dan go because I just really like Steven.

Oh, and I think Steven put it best tonight when he said of Jesse "he's just a tool"

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