Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So Hard to Choose

I have a new method to picture taking and printing.

Since getting a digital camera I like to take pictures of EVERYTHING!!(go look at my MySpace albums -- I now have 43!!). I like to document things. That's also why I like to blog (okay, one of the reasons I like to blog. I also like to talk about myself!!). Not only do I like to take the pictures, I also like to SCRAPBOOK them. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

I had to stop doing that. There were just too much. And not much originality to my pages anymore. I read about a great idea in Creative Keepsakes magazine how you can add photo sleeves to your scrapbooks to hold excess photos. What a great idea!!!! So simple, yet I never even thought of it. Duh.

So this is how my method goes......

1. I take the pictures. I try to bring my camera everywhere. I also like to go through the pictures on my camera card while still in the camera to delete anything that didn't come out right or wasn't relevant. That is the first step in my editing process.

2. I copy the pictures to the computer. I go through all of them in a larger size to edit again in case I missed something on the camera. Then I save the pictures on the computer.

3. I upload most of the pictures to Myspace(I try to avoid posting pictures of kids and people who don't have MySpace or I don't know how they feel about having their pictures posted to respect privacy. I usually make these pictures viewable to friends only, too, if I have to post them--like if someone wants to copy them if they or their kids are in them). I also caption them on Myspace that way when I go to scrapbook later I can reference what things are if I forget(like stuff from the Brigade Changeover ceremony today). It also helps other people looking at them to uderstand what is in the pictures. This also gives me a place where all my pictures are stored NOT ON MY COMPUTER should it crash and they be lost forever!

4. I upload the pictures to either Snapfish or Walmart. They both cost 9 cents a print, but you don't have to pay shipping with Walmart(unless you want them delivered, but it's cheaper to go to the store). However, sometimes, Snapfish has good deals(like this week -- 50 prints for a penny each) so I use them, too. When I do this I go through another selective process of what I want in my albums. Sometimes I will get wallet sizes from Walmart(they come 2 to a sheet) if I want to make mini albums for other people or I will get a few 5x7 if the pictures are exceptionally good.

5. Before scrapbooking I sort the photos and decide which ones will go on the scrapbook page and which will go in photo sleeves.

I have had to start doing this because it is expensive not only to print all these pictures, BUT to be making so many scrapbook pages as well!!! I am hoping this allows me to get more stuff in my albums!! I am only on May for my 2008 album and already I need another!! My goal is to be able to use only one album per year starting next year :)

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