Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Starting a day early!

When TJ came home from work he asked if I wanted to go with him to the motorcycle shops in Manhattan, so I agreed and we decided to go ahead and have our anniversary dinner (from my mom!!) while we were out there.

Earlier today I had bought TJ's present -- the new Motley Crue CD -- and some goodies he likes at the Commissary. I also made cookies this afternoon :)

In Manhattan I also let him buy as a gift from me (a skull cap to use when riding on post or in town). We got it at Prairie Hawg which is an awesome store that specializes in riding leather and also carries some Harley stuff. The lady took 10% off the helmet since it was more pricey than the one we originally found, which didn't fit right.

Then I went to Hobby Lobby for some stuff and then we went to dinner.

I thought it was cute how they put the cherry in TJ's rootbeer bottle as well as my drink!
We ended up missing the Army Band at Sundown Salute, but maybe they will play again in the bandstand on the 4th, like they did last year. We are hoping to go see the movie in the park later tonight, but it is storming right now so we are not sure they will be able to have it.

And in other news...... we have an unexpected houseguest this weekend...........

This cute little furball is Sawyer Poe. His family is having comapny this weekend, including some very mean dogs who like to eat cats (yes, EAT!!) so we took him home with us :) Scout is not pleased, but oh well! He went up to Sawyer's carrier and hissed at him!! We are keeping Sawyer in Scout's room and Scout in ours and taking turns letting them roam the house. We will try to see if they can get used to each other, but if not they will stay separated. Sawyer went under the bed at first, but pretty quickly after that he started exploring and we let him see the whole house while Scout stayed in our room. Now he is in Scout's room and Scout is happily cleaning himself in the diningroom!!

Tomorrow we are going to see about renting a boat(if the Marina is open), but if not we definitely want to go fishing and swimming at the lake, weather permitting.

I will leave you with this last picture of a wall of rain making it's way across Post and Riley County earlier this evening.


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