Saturday, July 5, 2008

The theme for the day was CARS

Okay, believe it or not I just made that connection LOL!! Read on to see what I mean....

First of all .. Happy Birthday Nick Poe!!! The big 2!!!!

I slept in today until 11am!! I was so exhausted from yesterday. Plus we ended staying up past midnight.

At about 1pm we headed into town for the car and bike show at Sundown Salute. It wasn't very big, but there was some really nice stuff. As usual, TJ took lots of pictures!!! The following is my favorite car..

I just love the bright color and the inside was absolutely gorgeous. The shades of orange and cream work so well together. The car reminded me of an Orange Creamsicle!!

After checking out all the cars and bikes we headed over to the Poe's for Nick's party!! The theme of the party was CARS

(do you see why I maybe should have realized the car theme earlier today???)

We had some very yummy food and hung around talking. Then we started the festivities with a pinata(poor Nick did not want to hit it) and then it was on to cake(also yummy) and presents.

Nick needed help blowing out the candles on the cake and his dad helped him open the presents. He got a lot of nice stuff. He is going to have so much fun.

It was a very relaxing day at the Poe's. Maybe too relaxing as the events from the past few days have caught up with me and I am exhausted!! Unfortunately, I am in no condition to go to the Starship concert tonight. In addition to being tired I also have PMS so it would not be a good time. Plus, I do not want to be tired at church tomorrow.

I am just going to relax this evening and finish up on the computer and then read until I fall asleep.

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