Saturday, July 26, 2008

Treat your windows and you treat yourself!!

We hung some curtains today. I have been wanting to do this since I moved in here. We had to buy and install our own curtain rods, though. Housing used to do it, but now they supply shades(which I like as well), so curtains are our responsibility. As much as I like the shades, I just think curtains make the room look nicer. So here they are..

The dining area with our awesome view

The kitchen with the same view

Our bedroom. Please ignore the tags. We realized they were on backwards!! These are only temporary, too, until we can find some nice green ones to match our bedding. We needed something dark, though, for when Tj needs to sleep the day after a range!!

My man hanging a curtain. Oh yeah. Be jealous.

The spareroom. Yes, I realize that 1. It doesn't stretch across the whole window. 2. It is not cenetred behind the bed. and 3. It is on crooked!!

If we have kids and need to make the spareoom a baby room we have some nice blue curtains.

We are needing more curtains throughout the house, but this is a nice start, I think.

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