Thursday, August 28, 2008

20 Things To Do Before I Die.....

Another blog post inspired by Jennifer at link thing isn't working right now!!)

Let's start...

1. Have a baby or adopt one
2. See all 50 states
3. Travel in an RV
4. Buy a red Mustang Convertible with either black or red/white interior.
5. Go to Greece
6. Go to Italy
7. Attend a professional football game
8. Attend a Superbowl
9. Attend a World Series game
10. Get a teaching degree
11. Own a house
12. Skydive
13. Cruise the Vegas strip on a Harley with my hubby
14. Cook a fish I catch myself
15. Pay off all debts
16. Go on a cruise
17. Travel by train
18. Catch up on all my scrapbooks
19. Donate bone marrow to save someone's life. Or a kidney.
20. Visit all the LDS temples in the United States.

Now it is your turn...........


Jennifer P. said...

WHew! You've got some serious traveling to do :)! But I think you could accomplish that list in the next 20 years!

And your Snow music---holy cow! It's like 1993 all over again :)! (Informer, blah bludey, deedy, a leaky-boom-boom now.......did YOU ever understand what he was saying :)?!)

Robyn :) said...

In California we had Rick Dees(of the weekly top 4 countdown fame) in the Morning on a local channel and he was nice enough one morning to tell us the main lyrics were something like. " know Big Daddy Snow say I'm to blame..a licky boom boom down"