Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back to(somewhat) Normal

This guy couldn't be happier

He is sitting on my lap in this picture showing me he is the only cat I need LOL!! Although he can potentially have a fun playmate when we have cat guests, by the time he realizes this and tries to make nice he has bullied the other cat so much that the other cat is being mean to him!! LOL

We finally named our guest Caramel Ice Cream(TJ's name for him)before I took him to the shelter Monday morning. He did not like the cat carrier or ride!! They used the microchip scanner on him, but couldn't find anything. Then they took him back for processing. I will go visit him soon.

I became quite attached to the little guy. He was a complete sweetheart just like Scout. he would cuddle up to me and just be so loving. However, I did get a sign that it is not meant to be for us to have him when he went and peed and pooped in my laundry basket!! I think he forgot where the litterbox was because before Scout and I found him trying to cover his mess up he had been crying very loudly, which he had not done before and for an extended length of time. Oops.

So now we are just back to Scout and it is fine. He has been extra affectionate. Right now he is whining, though!! I do not want to let him out because bugs come in when I open the back door.

I found something discouraging out today. My husband does not like avocadoes!!! I know, it's shocking!! LOL. Of course, he is not from California so I don't expect him to appreciate this miracle fruit/veggie. I plan to keep eating them!!

Well, that is all for today. Tomorrow I will show you the album I made at Archivers this weekend.

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