Sunday, August 3, 2008

Beauty and a (tiny) Beast

My main purpose for making a trip to Omaha was to go to the Temple with my ward from church. I just added the scrapbooking tour on for fun. Since the temple is so far away I wanted to make it an overnight trip and see some other stuff. That evolved into the scrapbook tour!!

However, I did go to the temple, too, and that was the highlight of the trip :) I took some awesome pictures of all the pretty flowers there and I will share a few now...

A wall of flowers!!!

Closeup of flowers. I love how this came out and how vivid the colors are

Side of the temple. I love how the flowers look with the stained glass.

The courtyard at the side of the temple. Just bursting with pretty flowers!!

Entrance to the temple. There was an awesome variety here.

Now, you may think from all the pictures the highlight of the highlight of my trip (meaning the highlight of going to the temple) was seeing all these pretty flowers, but it wasn't. The highlight was that I sat next to this really sweet old lady in the temple and after the session she told me twice how much she enjoyed sitting next to me and how lovely I was. That just really made my day and the weekend!! Meeting people like that is always so nice when you go to the temple. That comes in second to the experience I had at the New York Temple when I met this nice family from New Jersey who were so sweet.

Upon coming home and emptying my car I encountered this guy...

He was hanging around outside and crying. He was super friendly, though. TJ said that one of our neighbors asked him if he was ours. He has no collar.

I think he has been abandoned. another neighbor said he has seen him coming from the building next to us and I saw him go over there, too. A family just moved out of there.

This cat is beautiful

He is kinda small, too. i think he is between 7 and 10 months old. Definitely a boy.

I was going to let him stay outside for the night(I also fed him a little and gave him water), but it didn't seem to be cooling off so I took him in.

He made him self comfortable!! Scout is not too happy, though he seemed kind of excited at first. They fought a couple times, though. Now they keep a respectable distance, though occasionally sniff each other and maybe throw in a hiss or growl!!

This little boy is extremely friendly, lovable and affectionate.

Just like Scout. Unfortunatley, we can't keep him. One cat is enough. In the morning I am taking him to the Post shelter. If he isn't abandoned his owners can get him. If he was then someone can adopt him. With as cute and as sweet as he is I am sure he will have no problem. I plan to visit him until he gets adopted.

If for any reason he can't get adopted I will seriously consider taking him in. I hope it doesn't come to that, though!!

As of now this cat does not have a name. We have tried several things, but he won't answer to anything LOL! So we are calling him Cat. Except TJ has taken to also calling him Carmel Ice Cream.


Sharon said...

Wish I could have gone to the temple too. I was just exhuasted and in a lot of pain from our units organizational day on Friday that there was no way I could go to the temple. It looks like it was beautiful though. I'm glad you got to go. Sounds like the scrapbooking adventure was awesome too. :)

Robyn :) said...

I definitely plan to go to the temple every late July, early August from now on!! The flowers are just so amazing!!