Monday, August 25, 2008

Born To Ride....

Okay, maybe not, but TJ took me on my first SUBSTANTIAL bike ride yesterday and I absolutely loved it!!

Let me back track -- the first time I rode on a motorcycle was like last winter when I went on Kenny's bike and he drove me up the street and then back. Last Spring TJ took me on the Honda and we went around our block and the one below us at a maximum of 15mph(my request!). it was hard because I kept leaning into him and pushing him forward because there was no back rest and I was terrified LOL.

Not this time, though. The bike is bigger and has more power so I was good to go. I was a little nervous, but once we got going I was thrilled!!

We took it slow, starting out at 15mph just up and down the street and then faster going around the block. Then we drove several blocks and got up to 30mph.

I was grinning the whole time!! I was afraid a bug would fly in my mouth, but I just couldn't help it!!

I also moved from holding onto TJ to holding the strap on the seat, which was a lot more comfortable!!

Now I want to ride with him everyday!!

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