Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brief updates

I went today and visited Caramel Ice Cream at the post shelter. He is not up for adoption, yet. He is in the stray cat cages in case his ownwers decide to come claim him. His neighbor is a very feisty little kitten!! That little bugger would not leave me alone LOL Caramel was very sweet and looked like he recognized me, but he also seemed very sad.

There are a lot of cats there waiting for adoption. At least 10, maybe more. Some are transfers from other shelters. All different colors and sizes. Kittens and adults. Some are very friendly and desperate for attention. Others are just sleepy and bored. I am a little worried now about Caramel's chances for adoption. However, he is a beautiful color and still on the kitten side, so that is good.

They finally posted the schedule for the baseball games tomorrow. The Generals play the Newton Rebels at 10:30am. I am going, but TJ has 2 physical therapy appointments for his finger. The Rebels kicked our butts when they played us here so hopefully we can kick their butts tomorrow when it counts!! LOL Of course, while I am in Wichita, I am going to check out a scrapbook store!!

If the Generals lose, they are eliminated. If they win, they play again Saturday. Hopefully a late game because we have plans during the day and late afternoon/early evening!!

I'll have a blog and pictures hopefully tomorrow evening.


Jennifer P. said...

I had to have my sweet cat of 13 years put to sleep in March. His kidney's shut down (for the third time! Rescued him to the tune of $2200 the first two times!). My lap is empty without him, but I just don't know if I can open up my heart to a new kitty yet :(. Hearing about all those guys waiting at the shelter makes me think I should be giving it more serious thought.

Hope your kitty friend finds a home soon!

Robyn :) said...

Thanks, Jennifer!! I am sorry about your cat.