Saturday, August 16, 2008

A day without plans equals real pizza!!

Okay, I know I will have to explain this one!!

So, for the first time in AGES, TJ and I did not have any Saturday plans. This worked out nicely as I had just completed a week of going back to work and he had a day and night range yesterday. We were able to sleep in this morning and just chill. One errand we needed to run was grocery shopping. i also wanted to get lunch somewhere. I suggested this new place in Manhattan and then going to Walmart instead of the Commissary for a change and TJ agreed.

The place we went to lunch at is called AJ's Pizzeria and they make REAL NEW YORK PIZZA. Just look at this....

That is what pizza is supposed to look like!! Thin and floppy!!! Not thick or deep dish.....thin. It should not stay horizontal when you hold it unless you are holding it folded!! You should be able to fold it!!

Honestly, this is the first time I have had New York style pizza in Kansas. Living in Florida, there are a lot of native New Yorkers, so you can find New York pizza fairly easily. I miss that. Now I have a place I can go.

It is kinda pricey, but the food is excellent and so is the service. You order at the counter and then they give you a little street sign to set at your table.

Then they bring you your food!! In addition to the pizza we had an order of garlic knots AND side cesar salads. I was able to get anchovies on mine!! they have a VAST selection of specialty salds and you can also mix and match ingredients. How cool is that? Oh, and our salads had an abundance of croutons on them -- when does that ever happen? Most places are super stingy with croutons.

After we ate I hailed a cab.....

.....and we went back home. Just Kidding!!! We went to the mall. In our car. I bought a new bra at Dillards. I will share something personal with you now. I am a size 40-42 DDD. that's right -- TRIPLE D. I was pleased to see that more bra companies are making DDD sized bras. There used to be like 1. Of course it is the one I still bought because they don't have underwires, but still. it is nice to have a variety. I think they are making them bigger because lots of people get implants, but mine are all real baby!!

Okay, after that we went to Walmart and then home. A little while ago we took TJ's bike to our friends' house. Upon coming back home we discovered that we had left Scout outside on the balcony!!! Oops! Good thing we weren't gone that long!

So how was your Saturday???

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