Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fun at the Avis'

The party started with this..

and ended with this....

It was a great time!!

TJ and I had planned to go to the marina opening yesterday, too, but it RAINED all day so that was scrapped. However, a little rain did not slow down Lillian Avis' 3rd birthday party!! By that time the rain was just a sprinkle so the party went ahead as planned :)
At the beginning the ladies stayed in the house and chatted and snacked on yummy veggies and dip, while the guys put together Lil's new trampoline!!

When that was done we let Lil play on it for a few minutes and then she got to open the rest of her presents!!

How cute were the wrapping jobs on these two???.......

Lil got a lot of really nice presents including this totally awesome doll house from her parents that her daddy and my husband promptly began playing with.....

Okay, maybe they were just putting it together, but still......

Then it was time for cake...

How cute is that? And isnt the table presentation beautiful?? The cake was super yummy too with whipped cream frosting -- my favorite!!

By the way, can I just get off subject for a moment and talk about the PINK SHIRT??

The guy wearing it is James. I had another friend named James who also had a pink shirt. What is it with guys named James wearing pink shirts? At least they were both able to pull it off okay. Not all men can, you know.

Okay, back to my post. So, after cake, we all just hung out for awhile waiting for it to get dark and the rain to stop. Oh, yeah, forgot to mention the yummy hamburgers we had earlier between the trampoline and the presents!!

Okay, so once it got dark and the rain was not so bad the men built a bonfire out back. We roasted marchmallows, made S'mores, played with fireworks and sat around talking. TJ made me nervous holding bottle rockets as they launched(He already has a messed up finger!!), but luckily that didn't last long. Mostly the kids played with sparklers. BTW, when you put those suckers in the fire they make very bright flames!!

It was a very fun evening and I really enjoyed myself. Thanks Avises!!!

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