Friday, August 8, 2008

Great Minds.....

Think Alike!!

So, TJ had another day off today and we had nothing planned. We slept in a little and were then just hanging out. I asked TJ if he wanted to go to the lake and he said no. I asked him what he wanted to do and he said he didn't know.

I was chatting with Kim on IM and told her I was waiting for him to decide what to do and as I typed that I was thinking maybe he'd like to go to Topeka.. Like, 2 seconds later, TJ walks over and asks "would you want to go to Topeka?" !!!!!!!!!! That was eerie!!! Guess that just goes to prove we are soul mates :)

So, away we went!! First up was the two motorcycle shops and then the scrapbook store. Having gotton the essentials out of the way(he he) I suggested a trip to the Capitol Building. We were hoping to take a tour or 2 , but had missed them. We were able to give ourselves a tour, though.

This is a view from the ground floor, looking up at the dome...

The architecture in this building is just amazing. what a jewel to have in this state!

The murals on the walls are so beautiful..

I loved the pink marble columns in the House of Representatives chambers...

The state senate chambers were just as beautiful.

The state library is also gorgeous and had GLASS floors!!

This is to help light the upper floors.

The view from the 5th floor is kind of dizzying. I couldn't stand there too long

We could only go as far as the 5th floor. You have to be on a tour to go up here...

Next time!! I really love this building. It is the only state capitol building I have ever been in. I have never lived so close to a state capitol city before!!

You can see all the pictures I took today on Myspace in the NEW album.

After the capitol, we drove across the river for fun(well, because we missed the turn to get back on the interstate) and then went to dinner at Red Lobster!! So good.

We have a very full and fun day planned tomorrow, so stay tuned!!

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