Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Didn't Forget.....

.... it just took me awhile that's all!! Other stuff had come up, but I am finally posting the Summer Album I made!!

I made the album at a class at Archivers in Omaha, but finished it up here at home.
I will take you page by page through it...

Cover -- The title is made using Thickers chipboard alphas in white. I colored them with my SU markers. This page was also made using an acetate sheet and lacy paper background.

1st and 2nd pages -- Sounds of Summer. Using the back of the acetate paper with lacy paper for one page and brown cardstock for the next.

The pictures I chose to represent sounds are of Worlds of Fun, a baseball game, the CCR concert and a storm.

3rd and 4th pages -- Traditions of Summer. using the back of the brown card stock and a fuschia scalloped edge cardstock.

I dedicated one page to the parade and then combined rodeo and baseball on the other. I colored the thickers for parade, but left them white for Traditions.

5th and 6th pages are Colors of summer. back of Fushia cardstock and then another clear acetate page.

The 6th page uses Worlds of Fun pictures for some of the colors. The 5th page has a car from the sundown salute car show as the main picture(it reminded me of an orange creamsicle!), a sunset, and view from my balcony. The edge of the 6th page has a felt accent on it, which will be the same color on the next page. I colored the word Colors to match it.

7th and 8th pages -- Carefree Days. Back of clear acetate and yellow cardstock.

The pictures are pretty self explanatory :) I featured Scout a bit, though.

9th and 10th pages -- Warmth. These are the simplest pages of the whole book!! Back of yellow card stock and scalloped orange card stock. I colored the Thickers again with yellow for sunshine.

To represent warmth I used pictures of TJ and me at the rodeo. You can also see sun shining on us in them.

11th and 12th pages -- Taste of summer. Back of orange scalloped cardstock and (not pictured)clear acetate.

The 12th page is missing -- I forgot to photograph it!! Or skipped over it. Anyway, it has a picture of coals on a grill and TJ eating a hamburger. Representing taste on the 11th page is chicken on a grill and a lady handing out popsicles at the parade.

13th and 14th pages -- Baseball!! Back of clear acetate and white scalloped cardstock.

I had to dedicate 2 pages just to baseball as that has been a big part of my summer. Page 13 has the Generals dugout and TJ with General Longball. 14 is a neat page. It has the stadium on it and underneath is.....

hidden journaling!!! And room for another picture.

Pages 15 and 16 are dedicated to the water, all on Milford Lake. Back of white scalloped card stock and blue cardstock(we made the scalloped edge on it).

15 has a fishing and swimming picture. 16 is a sunset and me and TJ watching the sunset.

17 and 18 are dedicated to Milford Lake. Another important part of our summer. Back of blue cardstock and the final clear acetate page.

The pictures are all from when we went out on the Avis' boat.

The final page -- the back -- is of Worlds of Fun. Technically, we went there in the Spring. But i was on summer Vacation. And it was our only vacation

Going to amusement parks was a big part of my summers as a child so I felt as an adult it deserved it's own page!!

This was a very fun album to make. The class gave you the album and the layouts, but you pick your own theme. I liked that as I wanted to do an elements of summer themed album anyway.

Any questions?