Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm a little worried...

This is going to be kind of gross -- just warning you!!

Okay, I got my period the other day. At least I think I did. It started out like a normal period. not too heavy, minor cramps. yesterday there was a little more, but no cramps.

Today is weird. No cramps, But I did have very soft almost runny poop this morning.
Then, at church, whenever I leaned forward to get my scriptures off the floor I could fell the blood flowing into my pad. that never happens. I wondered if that had something to do with me weaing a skirt and not havingthe extra support of pants holding my underwear up to my crotch??? I went to the bathroom because i was afraif I may have had an 'accident" and there was not much there(as it had felt like!!) but a little pea size clump of blood came out. I didn't think anything of it. I used the bathroom once more when I got home and was fine.

A little while ago I went again and things were not normal(for me). a lot had apparently come out, but not recently because it was drying. It was at the top of my pad and down the side of my upper thigh(I never felt anything). I could see by looking at the top and buttom of the pad there were more of those pea size clumps. As I went to the bathroom there was maybe one or 2(and smaller than a pea).

My concern is that this could have potentially been a miscarriage. I tried googling the signs and I can't really tell. It could just be a really heavy period. But I have never had the little clumps before. And I do not have any pain (except in my head!!).

Anyone else ever experienced something like this? any suggestions?

UPDATE: Now, a few hours later, my period has slowed down considerably. I swear, it seems like there was just that one point where it all just came at once.

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