Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let me clarify...

I got a good comment on my last post... I was told I did well cleaning the fish even though my tummy had issues.

neither of those things are true (oops).

First of all...I didn't do any of the cleaning -- Kenny did. I watched and took pictures so I can do it when TJ and/or I go fishing.

Second ....I was fine at that time(just hungry!!). after I watched the cleaning andcutting of the fish, we had pizza and I think that and all the Coke I drank and the junk from Saturday conspired to make my tummy hurt.

I was fine today, except for a bad headache -- that Idid try to catch in time, but didn;t. A 3 hour nap took care of that!! I had 2 cream cheese and avocado bagels or dinner and some chocolate chips. Hopefully I won't have tummy issues from that!! LOL.

The PMS seems to have a bated a bit, but I have another week to go. if Aunt Flo doesn't show up then, well, I'll consult the magic stick :)

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