Saturday, August 9, 2008

Musings at 2am

I can't sleep, so I am blogging.

Did you know that air rifle shooting is an Olympic event??

They finally posted the schedule for tomorrow's baseball games. The Generals play at 7pm at the high school. We will not be attending, because we have a more improtant event to attend -- Lillian Avis' 3rd birthday party!! I am very much looking forward to this.

Speaking of the Avises....I was thrilled when their little Breelyn was born. I was thrilled to go visit Chrissy in the hospital and hold 1 day old Breelyn :). I was thrilled to hold her for about an hour while she slept after Chrissy's shower. Yet at no time did I feel wistful that I do not have a baby. I felt no envy that I was not pregnant. I did not feel a desire to have my own baby or wish that I was the one having a baby. And Bree is an awesome baby!! She is so good. She should make me want to have one!! Just like her because she is so sweet and good. I was just very content to be holding her, knowing she was someone else's and being fine with the fact that I would have to give her back to her mom eventually :). I am excited every time Chrissy posts pictures of her. But never does it make me feel like I should be having my own baby. This is nice because I can be completely happy for Chrissy and just enjoy seeing her baby.

So why is it I watch one episode of Tori and Dean when she is having her baby and I am completely jealous and really wanting to have a baby now???????????????? It's people on TV for goodness sakes!! I don't know them OR their baby, but they make me want to have a baby!! Go figure.

I could make some self analyzations here, but I am really tired.

The women's air rifle competition is over and now they are playing badminton.

In case you are wondering.... they show live events on the USA network in the middle of the night from the Olympics. Middle of the night here. It is daytime in China. I like seeing the stuff live. Knowing that people's days are already underway on the other side of the globe!!

TJ is going to sell his bike. We have gotten a really good offer on it :) First we are going to see if we win that harley on the 23rd. If not, we will use the money from the sale for a downpayment on one. After I have gotten my first paycheck!!! So, next month. But the Shadow will be going by Labor Day.

We are going to the Marina tomorrow for the official grand opening. They are having free boat rides, free s'mores, and swimming :)

Why are they called S'mores?

Did you know that when food passes through your intestines and becomes poop it is initially green and gradually changes brown? But if it goes through too fast it can stay greenish? Don't ask why I know this.

I think since I am talking about poop I should probably be going to bed. I may be just a little too tired right now!!

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Kim said...

Yep, I knew that air rifle shooting was an event. I think that Penny and I were the only kids at Olita who went to the shooting events at Prado Dam! :) I have no idea why Dad (or Mom for that matter) did not think about bringing protective gear for us, so I spent the whole day plugging my ears!