Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pleasant and Productive Saturday

We went to Topeka this morning to go get the black with orange trim Harley Davidson jacket TJ wanted as a present from my mom. However, we discovered this time that the jacket is actually a woman's jacket!!! Oops. TJ decided to go with the orange with black trim mesh jacket, but they didn't have it in his size. We will look for it or order it from City Cycle Sales instead(since TJ is in there all the time!!). I also found what I am going to get TJ for Christmas -- custom rear view mirrors with the Harley logo on the back to match the other custom stuff we have on the bike with the Harley logo!! And a tie. I bought a shot glass with my birthday money from my mom. We also saw some flyers for some upcoming rides we would like to do(yes, me, too!! I just need to get used to higher speeds). One is next Saturday out of Manhattan.

Next we headed to scrapbooks etc and I bought some more stuff with birthday money. Then to Hobby Lobby. I needed another paper file oprganizer as mine got too full!! Now I have a separate one for just solid color paper!! Then I went in to Bed Bath and Beyond to try to find another 2 red cups like the ones I got way back when I was registered and of course they didn;t have that style anymore, but they did have something in the same red and really cheap so I got those. Now I have 2 pairs of matching red cups to use with our rooster dishes.

We also went to the mall. They are redoing it and all of the ceiling is gone so all the wire and pipes and such are exposed and it's dark and it kinda creeped me out because it reminded me of my scary mall dreams!! I went to the Gap Outlet(they were having a sale, too!!) and spent the rest of my birthday money on 2 pairs of pants and a top. I love them because their sizes go up the 20 and are just really good quality. That's the only place I will really buy pants anymore. Seriously.

We had lunch at a Chinese buffet and then stopped at Spangles for an Orange Juice Slush. Then it was home. TJ had to leavealmost immediately to go down to the church and load up firewood and who knows what else for his Scout thing. He took the bike so both of us were happy(him because he gets to ride and show it off and me because it saves gas!!).

I decided not to go to the scout thing, so I have had a rather productive evening. First, I read blogs and watched Scrapbook Memories. Then I finished a book. My original plan was to use this time to clean and organize the Hobby Room, but yesterday I had an unexpected delivery!! My Royal Prestige cookware came!!! It was supposed to take 3 weeks but I got it in one!!! So I spent a good hour cleaning everything by hand(to get any leftover manufacturer residue or oils off of it), drying it and putting it away -- which meant reorganizing 3 cabinets and a drawer!! I now have a cabinet for cookware, a cabinet for baking stuff and another for serving dishes/kids dishes/ lunchbags/storage containers/outdoor dishes.

I am worn out. I am just waiting for TJ to get back now. I think I will just take a nice hot shower and maybe go to bed!!

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