Friday, August 29, 2008

Quarter of a Century Old!!!

Today is a very special day. My husband TJ turns 25 -- that's a quarter of a century old!!

We started celebrating last night by having the missionaries from churc over for dinner and having cake!! I also decorated a little.

I put up banners and made TJ a cute little collage on my collage frame thing from CM using pictures of him at different ages.

I bought the cake at the Commissary and had them write on it. When the ashier saw the cake she told me to wish TJ a happy birthay from her LOL. The bagger asked how old he would be!!

TJ got a little embarrased when we sang Happy Birthday to him over the cake, but he blew out all the candles. There were 8 because that is how much older than him I am!! Just kidding. That was the amount I had.

In honor of TJ's 25th birthday I will tell you 25 things I love about him.

1. His sexy skinny, yet muscular body :)
2. That when he noticed my ID was still at home whn he got home from work at 3pm he brought it to school for me(even though I had my license and could get on post with that!!)
3. That he decides to move furniture around on the spur of the moment so he can "clean" better.
4. He eats shredded cheese out of the bag.
5. He eats ice cream out of a glass
6. He gives Scout time outs and tells him he is giving him a time out!!
7. He holds Scout like a toddler.
8. He watches the same movies over and over again.
9. He has a cool motorcycle(which I can hear him driving up to the building on now!!)
10. He puts up with me nagging him all the time.
11. He always orders Philly Steak sandwiches at IHOP or Denny's
12. He does not like day trips or exploring new places, but does it anyway with me because he knows I love it.
13. He washes his own clothes(uniforms).
14. He eats out of and off of the kids' bowls and plates I have!
15. He eats beans and pastas right out of the can!!
16. He lets me hog he bed and covers.
17. He is dedicated to calling as a den leader at church.
18. He is better about going to church than I am.
19. He is always the first to volunteer to help with something.
20. He looks good in uniform!!
21. He always kisses me goodbye and says"I love you".
22. He lets me be myself.
23. He is good about keeping up with his car and bikes' oil changes.
24. He understands when i don;t feel like cooking or cleaning.
25. He is my sweet husband!!!!

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