Thursday, August 21, 2008

Right on Schedule!!!

A few weeks ago I made myself a daily schedule. Today is the first day I was able to stick to it!!

Here it is...

6:30am -7am -- Snooze
7am - 7:15am -- Get ready for work
7:15 - 7:30 -- Make lunch and computer time
7:30 - 7:50 -- drive to work
7:50 - 8am -- read

8am - 3:30pm -- work schedule

3:30 - 4pm -- drive home
4pm - 4:15 -- computer time and start laundry
4:15 - 5pm -- Personal scripture study and clean or organize
5pm - 5:30 -- Make dinner and do dishes
5:30 - 6pm -- Dinner and dishes
6pm - 7pm -- Creative Time
7pm - 8pm -- TV and/or exercise
8pm - 9pm -- Shower and/or TV and/or computer
9pm - 10pm -- " " " " "
10pm - 10:30 -- Scripture reading, personal reading and bed

There is an alternate schedule as well for exercising right after work.

This morning I somewhat followed the schedule. I allow myself to use computer time to do some extra snoozing. I also made my lunch the night before.

I got home at 4pm and put in a load of laundry and went on Twitter and MySpace. At 4:15 i did a lesson from the BOM study guide and then I cleaned up the spare/play/Scout's room. An easy room, but I had to get motivated somehow! At 5pm I started dinner and loaded up and ran the dishwasher. I was also able to sneak a little computer time in there!! We ate at 5:30pm and I got some more computer time. At 6pm I went into the hobby room and did a layout and a card. At 7pm I watched Big Brother and rode my exercise bike!! Until 8:30pm and then i rested for the next half hour while watching (btw, I am very pleased with the events of the past 2 weeks!!). At 8pm I took a shower(and left the door open and apparently had the water too hot because the steam set off the smoke alarm!!) and then got on the computer. It is 9:15pm now. I am just about done with the computer so I am going to take some of the computer time to read.

Tomorrow I probably won't stick too much to the schedule because I need to go to Manhattan to get a book at the library which is on hold for me. We will also probably eat out there...hmmm...wonder what we should get...HuHot or AJs pizza??????

I will have pictures of the layout and card in the future.

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