Sunday, August 24, 2008

Robyn and TJ's Harley Adventure 2008

Yesterday TJ and I went to Lee's Summit, Missouri, to try to win a Harley. It was at the Heart of America Sales office and warehouse. They had some other companies there selling stuff and doing drawings as well. It rained all the way to Missouri. But it cleared up when we got there :) Then it was quite warm. After registering for a key, we decided to sit inside the air conditioned warehouse where they would be doing one of their cooking shows to showcase the Royal Prestige line of cookware(what we went to last month to be enetered for the drawing on the Harley). I had the foresight to bring a book ;).

I didn't mind seeing the cooking show again because they feed you after :). The guy that did this show was a little better than the last and this time I decided to buy a set. I wanted to last time, too, but didn;t think we could really afford it and wasn;t entirely convinced I needed it. So what convinced me this time????? The vegetables he cooked. Broccoli and carrots. I HATE cooked carrots and am not too crazy about cooked broccoli. These tasted like raw veggies(more flavorful), but were COOKED!! That's because with the cookware you don't have to add water which takes out all the vitamins and flavor!! They were also giving free gifts which included the awesome chopper thing I wanted(I would have bought that anyway!!) and a choice of an electric skillet or slow cooker. I took the skillet.

We also had gotten a $50.00 coupon, BUT the guy forgot to add it in when doing my order. He told me he could redo the order and add it or give me mixing bowls(which were worth $100.00). I took the bowls!! TJ asked about a military discount earlier and they didn't have one BUT for military they throw in "tools"(ladle, spoons, spatula--that sort of thing).

We are doing this on a 3 payment installment and using our Enlistment Bonus to pay it off. The pots have a 50 year warranty and really -- you never need to buy another set of pots ever so it is worth it! You get a DVD and as cookbook, too. The way the stuff works, it helps you make healthier meals.

Okay, back to the Harley. When it came time for the harley drawing we all gathered round the White harley 1200 Sportster. The way it worked was they draw a name, you choose a key, and you try to unluck the bike. They go until someone gets the winning the key. If your key doesn't unlock it you draw another name and if that person wins you get a gift certificate to a jewelry store. So, they chose a kid to pick the first name. He chooses, the girl comes up, gets a key, puts it in UNLOCKED!!!! On the very first try!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone was stunned, including the sponsors as they have done this 4 years now and that has NEVER happened!! So that was very quick.

Our next stop was Gail's Harley Davidson in Grandview , MO. We were going to see if they still had a 2003 Sportster 1200 that our friend found online there for us last weekend. Of course, it was gone!! And they didn;t have any other used sportsters. they had a new one, but we didn't like it. We gave our info and what we were looking for so if they got one in they could call us. Then I had to use the bathroom. I saw their fancy lounge. I told TJ to look around for awhile (he he).

So I am relaxing on the comfy leather couch in the lounge watching the pre race stuff on NASCAR Speed channel and Tj walks by with another salesperson and says she is taking him to look at something in the service area that had recently come in. I have him a thumbs up and went back to watching TV. A few minutes later he comes back and waves me back to see the bike.

It wasn't a Sportster. It wasn't a 1200. It was a 2001 Dyna Wide Glide 1452. And TJ had fallen in love. It was at the top of my preferred price range. There was much debating about whether to get it. At one point TJ even got on his knees to beg me! We called Kenny Poe to get his opinion(I trust him because he knows motorcycles and has ridden with TJ). I asked that TJ be able to test drive it. He absolutely loved it. I agreed that we could get it(hey, he let me buy fancy cookware earlier!!). I put a good downpayment on it and got 72 months financing with very manageable payments.

Here he is......

His name is Dyna Mo. Dyna because he is a Dyna and Mo because we got him in Missouri(MO).

Look at all his fancy features.....

Back of seat rest

gas gage

Cool chrome flames


Comfy seats


Foot rests with the brake!!

The previous owner put a lot of work into it including $3500.00 in recent service. We also got an extended service plan on it(since it doesn't have a warranty like a new bike would). We just need to add an engine guard, windshield, and luggage rack.

When you buy a bike at Gail's they put it on a stage and announce your name on the PA system and your new bike. Then you get to ring a bell!!! We have never seen anything like that at any other Harley shop we have visited!! We were very impressed with them and it ranks among our top 3.

You also get free stuff...

Mouse pad with the picture they took

Harley book, club membership towel9for people who drool on your bike LOL!!), free t-shirts(the cat is ours)

TJ did very well on his ride back home. A couple friends met us in Topeka to ride back with him. I think it really helped me to see him riding as it makes me feel better about him going long distances on it.

Now I just have to learn to ride on the back with TJ!!(at least it has a seat rest!! And did you see those super comfy seats?)

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