Sunday, August 3, 2008

Take me out........ the ballgame!!!!!!

On Thursday we went to the last Generals home game of the season. The Beatrice Bruins were gracious enough to come down and play an extra game with us so we could host United Way Annual Fundraising Campaign kickoff night. (the original game got called because of weather).

Speaking of the United Way Fundrasing Campaign, guess who sat next to us? The chairwoman of the campaign! That's right -- another VIP from JC!!! I told you I meet them all.

Remember that target from last Sunday's game that TJ was trying to hit with a water balloon? Well, the fence above that is EVIL. Stewart Hoover hit the ball that way and it game down on the fence and what did the fence do? Threw the ball back into the stadium!!!! Cheating Hoover out of a home run. He got a ground double, though according to the rules of baseball.

It was okay though because later on this happened...

Hoover got a home run!!!!!! And brought like 2 guys in with him to tie up the game.

Sadly, though, the Generals ended up losing, but it was okay because these guys were so awesome to come and play us!! It was a close game, too.

Next stop -- the World Series in Wichita!! For both teams!!

Other cool things that happened during the game. Baskin Robbins marked their ice cream down a dollar and I discovered some new settings on my camera. A night setting(you have to be still and your subjects have to be still, too) and a fireworks setting. Here is an example of what this awesome setting does...

All pictures can be viewed on Myspace under Pics in New album.

As of right now the Generals and Bruins are still in the series. The Generals lost last night, but won their elimination game this afternoon!! I don't know when they play next, but am monitoring the website. I haven't been following the Bruins, but I know they haven't been eliminated. The park city cowboys were, though. Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!

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