Friday, August 15, 2008

Week One Done

I went back to work this week!! Although I miss staying up to all hours of the night and sleeping in, I am soooooo glad to be back at the school :) I really missed it.

Monday we had a district welcome back meeting and presentation at the high school. I was told that this was the first time Paras were asked to be at this. It was nice and gave us some inservice hours. After that I checked in at school and went to lunch with some of the staff. In the afternoon I began helping teachers get ready and then had another inservice meeting.

Tuesday we had an inservice meeting in our own building. It was on technology and I learned some neat stuff for myself!! I learned about Wikis(which would have been helful last year when all us Army wives with deployed husbands were trying to coordinate getting together for stuff!!) and Twitter (look at the top of my sidebar for an example). Tuesday afternoon was helping teachers again.

Wednesday morning was like Tuesday morning, but different topics, like our awesome library book search on the computer!! So much fun and easy for the kids to use. In the afternoon we had our Para Orientation at the middle school. What a nice building that is!! It was just built last year. Anyway, the meeting went quick so after we got to go back and help teachers some more!!

Thursday was the first day of school, but it was only a half day!! I stayed with
2nd grade, alternating between the 2 rooms. It was so exciting to see all the kids again, plus the new ones :) After they were dismissed I went to lunch and then went back for one final afternoon of helping the teachers!

Today was the first full day and I started my regular schedule. I have a good variety this year and am working with 2 new grades(for me)-- kindergarten and 5th grade(consecutively -- very interesting!!) I also work in 4th and 2nd. I also have morning door duty this year with one of the kindergarten classes.

The challenges I have come up against this week are going to bed early and getting up early. I am so tired in the morning!! But once I get to school my energy kicks in for the day! There must be something in the air there :) I also discovered that they flash the lights on Trooper drive from the top of the hill all the way to the bottom, making it easier for the soldiers leaving PT(they get yellow), but a pain for those of us trying to get on Trooper(we get red). I have to leave at 7:30am instead of 7:40am and I get to work 10-15 minutes early!! I use this time to read.

I don't think Scout is too happy that I am gone all day now. He had a fit when I came home on Monday!! I think he is adjusting, though, learning that this is how it is going to be :)

Oh, and I have to mention the cool things I got!! First, I got that supercool T-Shirt I am wearing in the picture. 2nd, I got a nice red planner calendar. 3rd, I got an insulated lunch bag :) I also have my own mailbox this year(for now).

So, that was my first week. I am really happy to be back there :):):)

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