Thursday, August 7, 2008

What I Need....

according to Google!! I stole this from jennifer P's blog(The Petersons Go Public -- it's under blogs I like to read).

Anyway, on Google you type in your name plus needs and see what you come up with. I am following Jennifer's lead and doing the 1st 13(with my own commentary!!).

So, this is what Robyn Needs....

1. Robyn needs to feel What is Above and not be afraid that It is an enemy ... ---
um, okay. This is actually what came of another Robyn doing a Google search!!

2. Robyn needs to contend with male teasing ... -- yeah, my husband's LOL

3. ROBYN NEEDS TO GET SOME! (only men with beards need apply). -- Some what???? LOL. okay, 1dst of all, I'm married so I think I am good here and second, I hate beards on men. i'd make a terrible Amish woman

4. Robyn needs some love -- awwwww. I get lots of love, but thanks.

5. Robyn needs to be replaced immediately! Impolite doesn't even begin to describe her attitude towards paying customers. ... OMG -- yeeeow. That's kinda scary

6. Robyn needs help. Someone help her, please! -- yes, please.

7. Cute puss Robyn needs a home. -- I hope they are talking about a cat.

8. ROBYN NEEDS JENNY CRAIG -- gee, thanks. tell me something I don't know)

9. To internet music geeks everywhere Robyn needs absolutely no introduction --yeah, that's right!!! I am QUEEN of the music geeks

10. Gary Woosley is not with Robyn Holloway anymore she is nothing but a *not nice word* ... Gary is with tasha cox myers and they are happy so robyn needs to get a life ...
-- okaaaaaaayyyyyyyy. Yes, move on. And I have a life, thanks!!

11. What Robyn needs now -- a nap.

12. Robyn needs to go home -- I am home. or do you mean my childhood home? Anyone want to buy me a ticket to California??

and....the final thing Robyn Needs............

13. Robyn needs some education"? -- Well, I got some, but I can always use more!!

Okay, now it is your turn. What do you need????

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Sharon said...

I have always loved this one. My first 5 are:
1. Sharon needs a Word.
2. Sharon needs to be told to stop shooting and start talking. (snort, this one always makes me laugh)
3. Sharon needs a friend.
4. Sharon needs more time to work out a peace policy.
5. Sharon needs a hand.