Friday, August 8, 2008

Wichita Wanderings

Yesterday morning I got up bright and early at 7am to start my trip to Wichita about 7:45 am. First I got gas and some money. I took a different route to wichita, which was quicker than how I have gone before. I headed south down HWY77 through the wonderful small towns of Herrington, Lincolnville and Florence. It rained off and on. In Florence I transferred to HWY 50 and headed west. Started seeing lightning and was worried the game would be called. I went through the towns of Peabody and Walton and then ended up in Newton(home of the team we were playing!!). In Newton I picked up I-135 and headed south to Wichita!! Imagine my surporise when one of the towns I passed through was Park City, home of that baseball team who would not come to play us. Park City is not even 2 hours away!! So now I am really wondering why they wouldn't come to play us!!

Anyway, I arrived in Wichita a little after 10am and found the stadium rather easily. It is visible from US 54. It was not raining and I didn;t see lightning, but it was overcast. However, the game was still scheduled for 10:30 am. I splurged and got a lower box seat and they out me on the Generals side.

Before finding my seat I went to the bathroom and discovered this...

That was fun!!

Then I went and got a hotdog for breakfast., They don't take cash or credit cards at concessions. You have to buy a concession card, BUT if there is money left on it when you leave you can get it refunded. I kept mine in case I go back.

Here is the stadium...

And here is where I sat...

Right behind the dugout!!! I loved it!!

The game before us ran a little over. 14 innings over!! So insteadof starting at 10:30 am we started at this time...

Here is a few of our buys at bat...

Paul MCoy

Nick Martini

and Stewart Hoover

It was a great game and incredibly close, but of course our boys won

The next game is on Saturday, but a time has not been determined yet. It could be in the middle of the night as they are doing 56 hours of baseball straight!!
CORRECTION: The 56 hours just includes all the games played in the 56 hour period, NOT 56 straight hours!! So the latest game is at 12:30am and the earliest 8am, as usual.

After the game I went to the Scrapbook Garden. Of course, first I ended up taking a little detour to the airport LOL It's fairly easy to find and easy to navigate. It is also about a 1/2 hour closer than KCI!!

The Scrapbook Garden is HUGE. I was there awhile looking at everything. Then I finally headed home.

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