Thursday, September 25, 2008

Backburner Blogging

I will not be blogging as much for the next week or so because I am just too tired and busy!! After working a 9 hour day I come home and unpack!! Then I get on the computer, but am getting sleepy after about 15 minutes. So blogging will have to be sacrificed until I can get the house set up and back on track.

If you like my posts on memories and places I remember, then check out The Kronicles of Kim, as she has been posting some great stuff!!


Kim said...

LOL! Yes, check out my blog at :) Enough of a shameless plug for one evening? ;)

Robyn :) said...

seriously, go check it out. she has some really fun posts up there!! Today she wrote about my hometown of Whittier!!

Anonymous said...

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