Saturday, September 13, 2008

Birthday Dinner Italia

TJ and I went to a new restaurant in town for my birthday dinner(BTW, my birthday is tomorrow!!). It is called cafe Italia and it is pretty good. It is the only Italian restaurant in town. Next to Asian food, Italian is my favorite ethinic cuisine, so it is nice to have an italian restaurant in town.

They moved into the old Country Kitchen restauarant and it still kinda looks like that kind of restaurant. The food was pretty good. They don't have a liquor license yet(not that it matters to me), ut they sure do like to cook with a variey of different alcohols!! White wine, pink vodka, cognac, etc. Of course, the alcohol cooks out.

We started off with garlic bread and stuffed mushrooms in sauce for an appetizer. And a house salad which was the most basic salad I have ever had at a restauarant. It was just greens and a jalepeno!! Oh, and we had yummy rolls. For dinner I had Lobster Ravioli in a cognac sauce and TJ had a seafood combo pasta which was jumbo shrimp, clams and mussels oner linguine in a spicy marinara sauce (I ended up eating all but one of the mussels). For dessert we shared a slice of chocolate pecan cheesecake.

After dinner we went to get a birthday cake for tomorrow. I found a cute little yellow and white frosted yellow cake with a plastic yellow flower on top. I forgot candles, though(I used up what i had on TJ's cake), so we went to the PX to get some and all they had were these ugly striped ones from Hallmark. I ended up getting the blue striped ones because they were least ugly of the bunch. Whatever happened to a solid colored variety? Oh, and after getting back in the car I knocked over the cake so I smooshed one side and the other side broke away from its bottom icing!!!

Now I am home relaxing.

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