Friday, September 19, 2008


(let's all channel Whitney Houston in the Bodyguard now)... are all I'm taking with meeeeeeeeeeee(high notes).

That and all my STUFF!!!!

They packed the house up today. It has actually made me sad. I love this house(except for the kitchen) and I am getting depressed about moving. This house is awesome. This house saw me through most of TJ's deployment. I am used to being alone in this house. This house is very spacious.

I know I will love the new house but this is very hard for me. The hardest move ever. I was not sad when I left the trailer. I wasn't that sad when I left my little apartment in Florida to move out here to Kansas. I wasn't even that sad when I left my childhood home in California to move to Florida!!!

But I am very very sad to leave this house. And we are just moving a few blocks away!!!

I will have pictures(and a longer story) on Sunday. I am very tired right now and will be out all day tomorrow.

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