Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Sorry I didn't have one last week, but everything was packed away!! I only managed to make this one because I did it at the crop in Topeka!!

It didn't photograph well. Probably because I didn't use natural light. And how do you like the box in the corner?? That is my life right now. Boxes, boxes, boxes!!!!

Okay, for this card I used a lightish brown background for the cocoa, a strip of green for the moss, a red gingham ribbon(I know the edges look brown, but they are red) for riding hood red, and a darker brown scrap for choc chip. then I added a red present(stamped with dew drop brilliance ink in Coffee Bean and colored with a really red stamp 'in write) and added a sticker with the greeting. It's a Christmas card!!!

I probably won' be able to do this next weekend's challenge because I doubt my craft room will be set up by then(sigh)!

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Belinda said...

Such a cute card! Thanks for participating. :)