Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For goodness sakes, seal those escalator shafts up!!!

This post is long overdue. I told Kim months ago I would blog about this. Oh well.

In the next town over from where we lived there was this little outdoor mall called Fashion Square(it's no longer there. It was torn down and rebuilt as a big strip mall). The 2 anchor stores were Buffums and Bullocks. I don't think either of those exist anymore. They were those grand old department stores that had restaurants in them(because people used to spend a whole day shopping in just one or 2 department stores). Buffums was awesome. It had 3 stories The middle of the store was this big open courtyard style with the escalators all going the same direction. The restaurant was on the top floor. I ate there with my grandma a couple of times.

Bullocks wasn't quite as grand. They had the standard escaltors you see now going different directions. It was also a 3 story building --- ORIGINALLY. At some point they decided they did not need that top floor. So, what did they do? Turned the lights off and blocked the escalator. Do you know how scary it is to look up an escalator shaft into darkness????????????????? I think this is one of the things that contributed to my lifelong affliction of scary mall dreams. I would brave going upstairs, though, to see the restaurant because there was a waterfall in there!! When they closed the restaurant there was no point in going upstairs. I hated that escalator shaft!! My heart is racing just remembering it.

One year my dad and I went there because we were looking at Christmas stuff. We quickly realized it was upstairs. I would not go up. I did not want to face that dark shaft. A year or two later my dad, my cousin, Laura, and I went there. I wanted to look at the Christmas stuff(Laura and I were looking for ornaments because are collector ones from my mom were discontinued). I decided to brave going upstairs. I swear, I was shaking on the escalator ride up.

Guess what? At some point they had finally SEALED the shaft up!! You could see where it had been, but it was sealed. OMG!!!! Why couldn't they have done that in the first place?????????????

Last year, the JC Penneys in my hometown decided they didn't need their 2nd floor. Visions of a dark escalator shaft danced in my head. Luckily, they were smarter over there and took out the whole shaft so there is just a ceiling!! You would never know there was a second floor(well, unless you look at the building from the outside. You can tell it is 2 stories).

Have I ever told you about my dark public restroom phobia?????

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Kim said...

Oh. My. Gosh. What don't you remember?? I miss Fashion Square. It had an aura of class to it that was otherwise lacking in that town I grew up in.